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Termites Homewood AL

Although EnviroCare currently provides lawn care services to the residents of Homewood, AL, we started out as a pest and termite control company when we were established in 1958. Subterranean termites live in colonies that can number in the millions. They feed on anything containing cellulose, which includes wood, newspaper, cotton, and other fibrous materials. Workers scout out food sources, leading the rest of the colony to the food. EnviroCare uses the Sentricon baiting system, which uses a bait that the termites find even more palatable than the wood in your house. The bait is laced with termite poison and eventually wipes out the entire colony, though total colony elimination is not necessary for structural protection. This is a slow acting bait. Bait that kills too quickly would lead to too many dead termites accumulating around the bait stations, causing the other termites to avoid it. Sentricon is an environmentally friendly termite control system, harming nothing but the pests that you want to get rid of. Our technicians at EnviroCare in Homewood, AL are certified and trained to properly use the Sentricon system, leaving your home termite free. The benefit of using termite bait is twofold. First, it suppresses colony activity by giving the termites something to feed on other than your house. Second, it slowly kills the colony off with its slow acting lethal ingredients, reducing the colony in size and protecting the structural integrity of your house or business. However, it is better to prevent termites in the first place, before they ever get the chance to invade your home. Termites can cause serious structural damage to your house. Even brick houses are not safe from termites, as their interiors are still made of wood. Termites enter structures through very small cracks and often go unnoticed for some time. You can help prevent termite infestation by keeping food sources away from your house. Install shrubs and other landscaping at least 2 feet away from the foundation. Clear the foundation of newspapers and other debris that termites may like to feed on. Keep fences, firewood, and other sources of wood at least 2 feet from the house. Make sure that doors and lattice work are not in contact with the soil. Even if wood is not in contact with soil, termites are capable of reaching the wood by building tunnels and tubes that can reach up to 50ft high, which is why it’s so important to eliminate an infestation immediately. Once a termite has found a food source, it will be determined to share it with its colony.

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