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Fertilization Homewood AL

Established in 1958 as a pest control company, EnviroCare has expanded to lawn care services in the last decade. We provide premier lawn fertilization services to the residents of Homewood, AL to keep your lawn as healthy as possible. A healthy lawn is a green and attractive lawn, and EnviroCare has the expertise needed to fertilize yours properly. Our technicians are continuously trained in the proper techniques for lawn fertilization, meaning that you only have highly trained experts working on your lawn. We will recommend the appropriate blend of fertilizers and will not sell you anything you don’t need. One of the excellent benefits to lawn fertilization is crabgrass prevention. Crabgrass needs open areas to grow. It takes advantage of any holes in your lawn, propagating and killing your lawn slowly. However, a healthy lawn can easily out-compete crabgrass, as a healthy lawn is less likely to contain open patches that the crabgrass needs to thrive. Proper fertilization is imperative in keeping a healthy lawn, and EnviroCare of Homewood AL has the expertise needed. Grass in the Homewood area responds best to 8 applications, spaced 5-7 weeks apart. These applications begin in late January to early March, and end November/December. The first application is designed to control crabgrass before it emerges. The second application, done from March to early May, is a starter fertilization and crabgrass control that brings out a good spring color. Weeds are treated as necessary. The third application (May – June) is a heavy fertilizer that stimulates a healthy color. More weed control is added as needed. Round 4 (June – July) consists of a heavy fertilization with iron. This application maintains a rich color and insect control is applied as needed. Round 5, from July to August, is composed of natural nutrients that improve growth, color, and reduce stress. The primary nutrients that lawns need are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Spot treatment for weeds is done as needed. In late August to October, the sixth application is carried out and consists of a pre-emergent and other essential nutrients. Present weeds will also be treated. Supplemental pre-emergent for poa annua control is done in round 7 from October to mid-November. The final application, done from November to December, is lime. Lime adjusts the pH of the soil. Any weeds that are still present are treated as well. Following this fertilization schedule carried out by the lawn professionals at EnviroCare, you will have a healthy lawn all year round. Give us a call today for a quote.

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